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    • Postpartum Bliss E-Course (over 4 hours of teaching)
    • 4 Video Modules broken down to bite-sized pieces
    • Hands-On Activations
    • Breastfeeding Masterclass w/ IBCLC Diane Cassidy
    • Step-by-Step guide to prevent PPD
    • Postpartum Bliss Manual
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Pain Free Birth Childbirth Education Course

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What you'll get:

  • Pain Free Birth E-Course (over 10 hours of teaching)
  • 9 Video Modules Broken down into bite-sized pieces
  • Hands-On Activations
  • Breathing Exercises for Labor
  • PFB Workbook
  • Labor Cheat Sheet for Partners
  • Sample Birth Plans
  • Script to Advocate for Yourself 
  • BONUS: Full Labor Practice with Positions
  • BONUS: Birth Partner Prep for Dad's 
  • BONUS: Access to VIP Members-Only Community


What People Are Saying:

"My whole life, I believed that childbirth was painful and that's just the way it was. I never knew anything else about it. But when I heard you speak then, it changed my mindset and I knew I could believe for something different!"

Mary Beth A.

What a contrast to my first birthing experience, my second birth was phenomenal! And all thanks to this amazing course - I was able to trust that God had his hand over me and our girl, and trust completely that my body knew exactly what it was doing. I even felt (relatively) amazing afterwards - literally like I had given birth a week prior not a few hours!

-Catriona L.

Pain Free Birth did not just empower me in labor, it also empowered my husband in how he sees women and birth. He now says, “Giving birth is the most powerful and the most feminine thing that exists in Creation!”

-Lisan B.

Supernatural birth is possible for EVERY woman and it looks different for everyone! Thank you, Karen Welton, for being the biggest catalyst in me finding the truth about birth. I cannot express how grateful I am! Thank you to everyone who has prayed. I am a whole new and powerful woman because of this experience! I feel like a mama lion!

- Grace C

I am so thankful for all the tools that I got from Karen's videos because I know they truly helped me focus, persevere and achieve the all-natural home birth that I wanted. It was hard work, but it was such an empowering and amazing experience.

-Alyssa B