$495.00 USD (One Time Payment)

Disclaimer: By registering for this coaching, I understand that I am not guaranteed any particular birth outcome (ie: natural, vaginal, pain-free, etc).

Karen is not a medical professional. No portion of this call is intended as medical advice. Please seek a trusted medical provider regarding medical decisions, diagnoses or treatment options. 

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1:1 Breakthrough Call with Karen

You can thrive in pregnancy and postpartum. Sometimes it takes a little extra support to find yourself again!

Breakthrough Call Options: 

I listen to your story and together we draw back the curtain on what was happening behind the scenes in the physiological and hormonal realm.

We practice Body Forgiveness exercises, Mother-Baby Reconciliation, Trauma Release, and other exercises to rewire the trauma responses in the brain and open doors of communication again, and finally find clarity and freedom!

You will feel new hope and confidence in your ability to mother and birth again! 

Designed to help you stand in your power and advocate for yourself in High Risk Pregnancies, with providers who do not support physiological birth, at military hospitals, or in any tricky situation!

Learn your rights and options, and what evidence based practice says. Learn how to stand in your power and not give it away! 

Not sure how to process and manage your fears of birth alone? I see you. 

Together we'll reverse-engineer the limiting beliefs, experiences, and trauma responses keeping you STUCK in a cycle of DOUBT-FEAR-and SELF-SABOTAGE. 

Your body is divinely designed to birth. Your body knows that. YOU know that in your head, it's time to help your HEART embrace that truth too. 

You can have an empowered, beautiful birth experience. You are not an exempt from God's Promises!

Postpartum, Mother-Infant Bonding, and PPD- (My FAV kind of session!)
Postpartum is Hard, Mama! 

In the wake of birth trauma it can be even harder, but even with a "positive" birth, we can experience stress, anxiety, overwhelm, struggles breastfeeding and bonding and feel like we're just barely keeping our head above water!

PPD and anxiety van sneak up fast if we're not paying attention. 
We explore the deep connection you have with your baby and your body, find any road blocks or saboteurs, and through a powerful emotional work, we restore trust so you can thrive in the postpartum.

Invest in your postpartum experience. You will never regret it! 

I also specialize in:

    • Pregnancy
    • Birth Trauma
    • Advocating for yourself
    • Pre-Pregnancy- removing fears and blockages
    • Unexplained infertility- healing spiritual roots
    • Postpartum- support for PPD, PPA, breastfeeding



If you are craving a more intimate VIP Private Coaching Experience, where you work with Karen throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey, you can upgrade to those packages any time after your initial Breakthrough Coaching Call. 


“Motherhood is designed to trigger you, so you can heal yourself, heal your children and heal every woman around you.”

Karen Welton